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Glasses dog play fashion handsome new height

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
In pursuit of new fashion everyone to play the new accessories - — Glasses, grows a pet dog also began its journey of glasses, handsome new highly overturned the rigid 'glasses', unfashionable image! On the ins, there is a red dog could be - — Fashion sense at the Wang Xing Toby, with its high level of appearance and the representative of the fashion become pet fashion! It is said that one day, Toby master all of a sudden whim to give it his glasses on the shelf, find Toby didn't show the impatient! Instead, enjoy it. After the above observation is not hard to find Toby grow handsome is invincible prop - — Glasses. So, want to handsome new height, in addition to the level of natural appearance, love will pose, photography, and a key prop glasses! Glasses recommended: burberry B2173F ms glass frame 3001 black crocodile L2726A man glass frame 001 black green
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