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Glasses male side datong god for publicity shy open hole

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Recently, the glasses male side datong god concept for propaganda concert is single towns Up, took off her dark glasses the naked eye. For side datong, glasses is an essential part of the secret weapon, this time in order to promote the concert, a rare your glasses. But fang datong is still a little shy, although has the eyes, but I still made of effects of mystery. In this concert pictures, fang datong with sunglasses, glasses and open hole three modelling. In the beginning, fang datong for modelling also doubt, after seeing the finished product is quite satisfactory. He also said to me all creation, will be based on the premise of music, the song 'towns Up' with a mobile Disco atmosphere, restoring ancient ways with production team so I chose this gorgeous colorful visual performance, I feel pretty good!
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