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Glasses man really low?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Speaking of glasses is basically the first thing we think of 'four eyes', 'dirt', 'mechanical' and other words, it seems to have become synonymous with low, but the salted fish also has his day. Now the glasses already fashionable halo, become the fashion accessories! If you still ask glasses man really low? Picture is truth, the truth tell you glasses man really low! Dapeng recent exposure of a set of mature man photo, as always, the black box of covered surface, and a suit of England fan overalls, tie-in black hat and the color grain silk scarves, full of fashionable and texture and sending out the glamour tothe yuppie, such a man is low? If you are still in doubt, please continue to look down! Jann lee, China's new generation supermodel, a black long dust coat, restore ancient ways plus a pair of glasses, elegant demeanor, showing another light ripe age a man's charm. Round glasses would give a person a kind of feeling of restoring ancient ways of literature and art, the image of his foil is perfect! You also said that low, such a man? The next step is the girl in the heart of the glasses male Allah lamp, is not only a long legs, Obama or sunshine sunshine boy, just let you stop ~ look at Korean Xu Kangjun a metal pair of round glasses make him look very angry tide and warm, British wind suspenders naughty yet expensive gas, simple white coat collocation shorts is full of sunshine, dazzling highlighted red suit is more strong and masculine charm wander between the boy and the man's figure is drunk, such a man is low? Recommended fashion men's glasses: new ray-ban real high-end plank of men and women with the framework model of myopia glasses RB5315D2000 black America OX5100 man glass frame C1 black CK 5415 unisex eyeglass frame 330 blue
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