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Glasses of collocation, how important?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
When it comes to glasses, a lot of people's first reaction is 'four eyes sister', representative of the image belongs to play. However, this doesn't seem that and fashion with the above glasses, suddenly the appearance of high density in fashion accessories, first of the model on T stage carefully designed glasses go big xiu, after is a line of Hollywood actress also wears glasses. See four eyes sister also become wet, do you have any interested? Since change as fashion accessories, however, the choice of glasses consider their own face, clothing, and even makeup look. In other words, practicality has been relegated to the second, how much give play to the role of the adornment of the glasses, is the key. A famous American make-up artist barbie wave lang even suggested that in the rush of morning, if there is no more time to carefully make up, not wear glasses, this is the lazy man become beautiful props, save time, of course, the premise is that you should choose appropriate oneself face lenses. When we go to school, English textbook called glasses glasses, today, called glasses eyewear fashion magazine. The difference between the two is obvious, the former emphasizes the function, while the latter has raised glasses eye for fashion. There are more and more a line also launched their own eyewear fashion brand series, including Gucci, Chanel, etc. , at the same time there are also some professional glasses brand popularity, people like to buy shoes and handbags to buy several pairs of glasses, in addition to have long been stars play bad sunglasses, more close to popular sheet of glasses. Although the trend of the glasses on the market a lot of, can match is still a big problem, some people think the glasses after appear larger, eyes also not enough outstanding. In fact, just like all the other fashion accessories, when you want to take glasses to improve image, you will need to be well prepared. Only collocation is proper, it can make you more beautiful.
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