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'Glasses' : see life through glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
On national naoko has two famous film, is a 'seagull dining room', and the other one is 'glasses'. About the city life, the protagonist, met people on the trip, communication, and to re-examine their own story. See life through glasses, through travel met the real you. The hero of the film came to an island together, here every one of us, maybe the before is with an impossible burden in life, or, the weight is yourself and, like the 'glasses', they are wearing it. Glasses is really useful, don't wear it can't see the world, but who can confidently say 1, you see the world after wearing glasses really so clear? So what is the significance of glasses? Vision, collocation is beautiful? Let myopia presbyopic glasses big function one can see things, as a film, can be extended for the lack of eyes found, wearing glasses, please. Your eyes will be found that the goodness of life unknown, as wonderful son in the picture. They even it's in front of you, you just did not carefully distinguish and see. Glasses like tactile movie, right against the face comes late spring breeze. Glasses is actually a clue, pulling forward film, we might as well try to never have the life. In the glasses with money recommends: sunglasses factory FR2004C4 black tide female super TR90 glasses myopia frame decorative glasses sunglasses factory FB5034C01 black men's and women's leisure sheet full box myopia glasses
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