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Glasses sister four fashion hairstyle

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Many sister feel glasses affect the beauty, and fashion is not on. In fact many stars and fashionistas all love to change the image by glasses concave fashionable! Just glasses to wear stylish need and good hair style is tie-in, below we look at glasses sister four fashion hairstyle! Type 1, lovely round glasses is a lovely wind strong, want to match the right hairstyle, good choice high balls, can show a fresh and attractive temperament, after wear round glasses, nifty feeling extraordinary moment. Sunglasses factory 703 titanium plate Y01 deep hawksbill myopia full frame round glasses box tide firm hair steps: first, the hair tied into a high ponytail, horsetail turn into two plait again; Then reverse into the balls with hairpin back up; After the finalize the design water fixed bang on spray can. Type 2, sexy woman covered with long hair and sexy, want to add a mature temperament, then choose a bit in the shape of the cat's eye glasses, will let you have a silent unspeakable attractive temperament, after the straw hat, sexy fashion, all show feminine flavour. D& G DG3246- Ms F glass frame 3021 black tie hair steps: the forehead bangs open macro sprayed with finalize the design water, then use hair dryer blowing bang left the principle; Then on the right side of the hair with a curling iron very hot roll; And then blow Richard fleeciness curl. 3, small new braided hair clean, want to pure and fresh and free from vulgarity will put the curly hair plait side of fluffy hair, and then with a pair of suitable glasses, after swing to the left shoulder, fluffy curly hair all show little pure and fresh temperament. Ray ban 70465486 transparent box purple legs tide TR90 frame tied hair steps: step1: after long hair pulling to the left into fluffy three-ply braid, then stir out the hair of the top of head fleeciness sense; Come up with a curling iron to forehead bangs hot roll, make a little care. 4, elegant type of match points bang leopard frame is very elegant and dignified temperament, again hair turn into random bun, ShuXiangQi is dye-in-the-wood. Ferragamo SF2744RA unisex eyeglass frame 214 tortoise shell pierced step: to tie her hair in ponytail after reversing a bun, pull to grasp the hair of the top of head fleeciness sense with respect to OK.
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