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Glasses sister makeup highlights

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Woman, with a pair of glasses is for cosmetic and worries! Originally, only need to understand ourselves, and makeup done right, the girl with glasses will speck. Myopia glasses lens of glasses can make eyes seemingly decreases, and thus costume should be the point when focusing on the eye. Deep eye line can be thick, make eyes have expanded, the reflective effect of lens can be lessened eyeliner after painting. Eye shadow color pure as good, rich color eye shadow will weaken the eyes of the image. Dress up in the upper eyelid marginal place with deep coffee eye shadow, and then gradually transition to the eyebrow, better with the same color eye shadow depth change, such as from dark brown to brown gradually. Because the frame and lenses rated content increased the face, eye makeup is necessary relatively concise and simple. Volume eyelash with liquid on short eyelash mascara is very necessary, but if your eyelash is very long, touching the lenses easily after catching the mascara, can make the vision blurred. Dai Ping optical lenses Dai Ping optical glasses or small prescription glasses of woman, make-up should make a little change according to the picture frame, the glasses can as decoration foil your image and temperament. Color glasses wearing color glasses, usually coated with light warm color or bright pearl color eye shadow is more suitable for, due to the depth of the lens change affect eye color, such as blue eye shadow under the reddish brown lenses become grey soil, and painted with red eye shadow under the lens is brown. Another method is only trace eyeliner, make eyes more, and save the role of eye shadow. Sheet metal thin rims tyrannosaurus BJ1108P10 tortoiseshell tide neutral big yards myopia frame looks elegant and comely, masquerade point is detailed, concise and simple. Eyeliner or eye shadow is better to brown tone, pay attention to the brow of a jealous, hsiu-chi, and close to the eyebrows eyebrow powder brush, eyebrow, outstanding fluctuation eyelash slightly volume, and black mascara brush. Lip gloss with more shallow orange, light purple and pink and bold red give priority to, all make-up is a kind of elegant and beautiful temperament. Amber color grain rims is classical and vivid, is feminine and sexy, and adornment sex is strong, dress up some relative should be 'beautiful', cooperation frame selection of blackish green, sapphire blue, blue, or eggplant purple eyeliner or eye shadow, fluctuation eyelash with black mascara reinforcing, beautiful eyelash brush again on a layer of pure brown mascara to make your eyes more beautiful. Lip gloss cooperation frame for the color, brilliant red, rose, silver and purple or purplish, image is LiangYan colourful, give a person enchanting sexy image. Restoring ancient ways of circular thin rims have bachelor's charm, talent and pride, make-up should avoid bright color with silver eye shadow and other exaggerated color eye shadow and mascara, is better to light gray or pale brown series, with a tick the eyeliner eyeliner, eye end a little progress. Eyebrows should be light and cooperation frame appearance, focusing on the show natural and pure smell, lip gloss to contain the blues red classical qiao first wear contact lenses, any used in eye week cosmetic and skincare product is cleaning the odorless, used in eye week skin care products and cosmetics should avoid greasy, otherwise easy to enter the eye and make your contact lens opacity, and even damaged. Second, make up should be performed after wearing contact lenses, such ability see clear and accurate costumes. Before uninstalling except contact lenses, don't put the residual makeup into the eye. Third, the use of powdery cake, shake off the rest of the powder in order to avoid its entering the eye; Cream eye shadow effect is good, can be easily colored by little, Not mascara brush with fuzz of that kind of, in case its entering the eye; Not too close to the inside of the eyelids when eyeliner, avoid eyes; When the lens in the eye, don't eruption water or perfume, spray or eyes closed, and immediately come out from the humid air. In addition, wearing contact lenses of makeup color personality can do, not be bound by a little bit.
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