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Glasses soft sister makeup tutorial

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Although many girls don't like to wear glasses, glasses to good use is actually a match good helper! Such as small make up today would recommend a black box white legs glass frame, draw a beautiful Japanese makeup, soft fine younger sister. Makeup before the start of the first step, of course, is ready to use the thing ~ 1. 2 goddess luo poetry rose water. Snow is pure BB3. KATE three-dimensional eye shadow 4. Liquid eyeliner 5 lancome artists. 6 false eyelash. Ellie hut eyebrow pencil 7. Lancome lip glaze next love can wash my face and then on to face toner, stay bright skin water absorption can apply BB cream, these small make up spoke not fine, then talk about how the eye makeup. Ellie hut the eyebrow pencil, from color to written is very outstanding, mainly with brush, can comb camber, let more natural brows. Eye shadow part USES the popular BR - KATE three-dimensional eye shadow 3, compare the joker earth color, the color light make-up or Europe and the United States makeup look to be able to win outright, fine powder will not be flying. After is the lip gloss, chose a more pink jelly feeling lancome love labial glair, saturation and durability is pretty good, and your lips look particularly full rich, added a soft sister lovely breath. , how did you on the move? Like to a beautiful Japanese soft sister makeup? Urgent action! ! ! ! Yes, the makeup look without glasses, small make up recommend two paragraphs that gives everybody for eyeglass frames. Ray ban men's and women's general sheet metal RB5313D2000 black glasses sagawa fujii 62010 c6 tide model of sheet metal box big yards unisex black myopia glasses
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