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Glasses stylish men early autumn and fashionable color mix

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Source: SHOWOFF fashion network how to fashionable collocation stylish men get through summer and the conversion of wool fabrics may be overheating, so the clothes wool and cotton blended both for warmth and comfort, fit in the early autumn cool to wear, and using level and colour collocation, can make whole feels rich stylish look. Collocation model: spread cotton vest + cloth blended suit jacket, shirt + T-shirt + jeans + + digital printing bag, glasses with short boots collocation model: cloth blended suit jacket + leather + shirt + + + sun glasses with short boots, jeans scarf + leather handbags with demonstration: cloth blended blazer + short windproof jacket + corduroy pants + jumper + shirt + skateboard shoes, hats, glasses with demonstration: elasticity blended blazer jacket + + lace-up shoes + backpack after digital printing shirt + + jeans demonstration: cloth blended blazer + + sweater printed cotton shirt + shorts + a foot set of slipper
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