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Glasses sunglasses factory to teach you how to maintain the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
The hot summer is coming, sunglass sales more and more high, many friends began to prepare the sunglasses, but you know how to maintain the sunglasses? Actually maintain sunglasses is also very important, qian wan selecting sunglasses is temperamental, lack of correct maintenance method expensive glasses also can become short life again! Maintenance of good, of course, nature can use longer, looks like new. Ray-ban sunglasses RB4175 men hawksbill 878/51 silver/tea piece to wear need to be careful when picking glasses, please grab a mirror feet, are facing off, one hand pick glasses, easy to cause deformation, loose phenomenon, and should not be hung sun glasses when worn on the head, in order to avoid pull bad. Maintenance has exquisite sunglasses do not stained with sweat, perfume, beauty products, pest control, drugs or paint and other chemicals. Will not only damage the lens, also can make frame fade or deformation, if the glasses on these items, should be timely cleaning. Sunglasses sunglasses factory prompt you, sunglass maintenance tips, frame folding, usually is first from the left foot gently fold put the mirror, fold, if hard from the right leads to imbalance, skew frame itself, after the wear uncomfortable. Cleaning should be correct if the lens had blotch, grease, or fingerprint, special accessories available in soft cotton cloth or special lens paper to remove the dust on the lens or dirt. After wiping, should also often use the lens cleaner to clean. Don't use nail to remove the lens on the spot. There are grains of sand on the lens, please rinse with water, then dry with glasses cloth or paper. Ray-ban RB3538 unisex sunglass 189/55 blue gun/blue sheet placed should be properly don't wear the sun glasses, many will conveniently on the head, collar or a pocket, at this time the body movements don't too big, lest broke or damaged. Don't wear sunglasses should be removed after wiping, load the glasses bag properly kept, not with a hard or sharp objects to store, so as not to scratch the lens or paint, glasses to be placed when folded, and will mirror up, avoid the lens facing down. When go bathing, sauna bath or, glasses should be properly kept, prevent moisture or water corrosion on glasses. If the glasses on the table, do not make lens raised face and desktop contact, mirror from wear and tear. Glasses sunglasses factory remind you, avoid by all means is placed sunglasses for a long time in high temperature environment, such as litter sunglasses in the car dashboard, sun lenses may be because of wrinkles, heat temperature is too high the sun eye may also deformation, especially the plastic frame sunglasses almost no heat. Later, let's take a look at those but classic sunglasses, if you choose and buy is bad, this is a good reference oh ~
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