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Glasses sunglasses factory will teach you how to maintain the sun glasses!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
The weather is getting hot, sunglasses and began popular in the street. Because the sunglasses can not only block the sun light damage to the eyes, but also can be used as a fashion dress up the mystery of the weapon. Although many people are wearing sunglasses, but how many people know that wear related matters needing attention and maintenance method of sunglasses? Recommended reading: sunglasses 'shelf life' have you noticed? Fashion sunglasses let you active in the sunshine, good free. Actually the sun glasses to block the sun, can resist the pollution damage, so be careful care, lest face would oh. Actually maintain the method of sun glasses is like glasses, maintenance cleaning, closed stack, deposit should be a habit. Et sunglasses often only to take off the take off, but they will scratch, so there are a few small details to special remind you: the sun glasses have stain adhesion, don't use nail to pick, it would be easy to scratch wound surface. Don't wear the sun glasses, many people will be comfortable on the head, collar or a pocket, while the body don't too much, so as not to break or crash. Or there will be someone in the bag, it is recommended that you first into the hard glasses box, put in bag, to avoid the keys, comb, little wear lenses, such as copper or contamination to the lipstick and other cosmetics. Motorists by wearing sun glasses, not always smooth sailing on the dashboard or seat, this is a very bad habit, the hot weather will be sun glasses roasted no prototype, especially plastic frames, it is best to take out of the car, or collection in glasses are placed in the box. No matter where you will sunglasses collection, be sure to remember the mirror to up. No matter where you will sunglasses collection, be sure to remember the mirror to up.
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