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Glasses use prehistorical powers, myopia, sunglasses gently only a clip

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Although already beginning of autumn, but ultraviolet outside the hot weather still grab an eye, sunglasses are indispensable still small make up again recently discovered a set of mirror, it is in the 'Gospel of lazy cancer patients' jie bao set of mirror, simple to use, simply a clip is a pair of sunglasses, the single most important thing is - — Light, wear up very comfortable so hurriedly to explore GB5143 - 1 c - R( C) 。 SM passionate red frame, is permeated with the hot feelings, also contain the movement of energy at the same time, designed to clamp the glasses on the bridge of the nose piece, it can be seen that sunglasses piece of quality of a material is very soft, we adopt special lens production process, to ensure that the lens can resist ultraviolet radiation, to protect our eyes. GB5143 - 1 c - BL( C) 。 SM how unceasingly, black is the color of fire, its causes in the joker, the glasses are also classic, not fancy, but also a brand at the same time, to pick the favorite is difficult, the deputy will be OK, myopia + sunglasses as the joker. GB5141 - 1 c - BL( C) 。 SM want to fashion a bit, then try the round box, restore ancient ways and low-key, frames of light is reflected on the wear, its leg arc design of joint face, so it is a very comfortable and convenient set of mirrors. Sometimes, I really don't need to bother to do a thing, you see the glasses, only need a clip turns into practical sunglasses, easily take so easy.
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