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Glasstique fashion glasses national tour on benevolence and spring

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Hong Kong's first glasses retailers in China - — Puyi boutique glasses, glasstique glasses fashion glasses show national tour in chengdu last week. Puyi glasses for the first time to a fashion show as glasses exhibition design inspiration, build a strong contrast with black and white, shows the creativity of the glasses fashion art, as in the stage of international fashion week. It is understood that the glasses show deduced as many as 200 from the world's top fashion designer brand new glasses model 2012: including hot and loved by each big star celebrities to follow the famous British fashion brand Linda farrow ( 琳达·法罗) , with its cross-border cooperation OscardelaRenta and MatthewWiliamson fashion brand, founded by the famous singer and fashion character Victoria British Victoria Beckham ( Victoria Beckham) Restoring ancient ways, the French forward and was rushed to use by each big fashion week to match the growing popularity of clothing (in glasses brand in la, 蒂埃里Las - ry) , and is famous for its luxury is process of Japanese fashion brand new broad mind of ink ( Frency, 汞) And so on. Each pair of glasses is designer workshop professional handmade masterpiece, more special VIP guests to provide professional modelling collocation instruction. Title: glasstique fashion glasses national tour on benevolence and spring post: glasses sunglasses factory network
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