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Go out in winter wear sunglasses can block the sand

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
In recent years, the country appear constantly haze weather, not only is the north, poor air quality, fog dust windy weather to do a good job of protection, go out to wear sunglasses, masks. Sunglasses: can block ultraviolet and infrared light, at the same time, the color of the external environment does not change, only the light intensity change, like a cloudy day, feel cool and comfortable. Outside of the bad weather conditions, such as dust storms, huge lenses can resist wind, for your eyes. Winter go out wearing a pair of sunglasses can block the sand into the eyes. If the sand into the eyes are more likely to get eye disease, cause eyelid inflammation, tears, blurred vision, will seriously affect vision. If dust squinting, do not knead by hand. Good way is to close your eyes, until his eyes secrete tears, opened his eyes again, tears can generally will take out foreign body. If the above method doesn't work, can be directly flush eyes with water. If in the above methods still feel eye discomfort, pain, is likely to be foreign body in eye tissues, where you need to go to hospital immediately.
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