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Go to the hospital or an optical shop with glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-02
Glasses are mainly better at optical shops, hospitals generally only conduct more optometry, or check other problems of glasses more. In addition, there are many limitations in the prescription of glasses in hospitals. Take optometry as an example. In addition to the complicated steps, the price of some hospitals is also relatively expensive. Generally, it costs hundreds of yuan for a test. The regular professional optical shop, the optometry is generally free experience, so glasses or optical shop is better. First, glasses should be measured from the quality, optometry, style and variety. For most people, glasses are generally due to problems with the eyes, resulting in blurred vision and affecting the clarity of normal vision. wear glasses. Therefore, no matter which optical shop is matched, the main thing is that the quality, optometry, style, and variety must meet the needs of consumers. Second, the cost performance of traditional optical shops is not high. Compared with traditional optical shops, such as Baodao glasses, Lean glasses or Dr. glasses, although the quality of glasses and mirror-making technology are very professional, optometry is not as scientific and reliable as hospitals. Besides, the price of traditional optical shops is very expensive, because the business model they adopt leads to the high cost of glasses and the high rent of optical shops. Only by increasing the price of glasses can the cost be balanced. Any pair of frame glasses is about a thousand yuan. Third, more professional and more cost-effective In addition to traditional optical shops, they are popular among consumers in China. Since they officially entered the mainland in 2011, they have owned more than 50 optical chain institutions in just a few years, all over the country. everywhere. Moreover, the decoration style of the shop and the style of glasses are equipped with newer and trendier elements, which are very in line with the character and characteristics of contemporary young people. At the same time, it adopts Hong Kong-style 21-step glasses, which integrates two technologies of hospital optometry and computer optometry. In addition to accurate and fast measurement of diopter, it can comprehensively check other diseases of the fundus, which is more professional and reliable than traditional optometry technology. The adopted MTOC direct sales model and low-cost channels reduce the circulation cost of glasses; coupled with the office building business model, the rent of the store is reduced, so the same glasses can save half the price, and the cost performance is relatively high, which is in line with the consumption of the general public. concept.
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