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Goddess of Ada wei's sunglasses brand: my eyes is better than the chest

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
On November 1, 2015, wei's sunglasses signing Ada become image spokesperson, has created a buzz in the industry. Not for other, only because is Ada! Remember the pancake spiderman, Ada in tiantai and dapeng dialogue? Many friends said see Ada this true feelings lines are nose a sour, perhaps we really want to transfer the eyes from her chest to elsewhere, the heart to see the girl in the entertainment circle of seasoning some years! Recently, Ada in an interview, and admitted that he had micro plastic, thought opinion are various 'bury' Ada, but on the contrary, everyone felt Ada special real, whole is a whole, have no what can't admit. Many netizens have backed Ada, still Shouting her goddess. Ada for years without sick people hype, serious acting, host, everyone a fair, she smile grateful; Said too bad, she also laugh. Don't go to debate, not because of no power, because there is no necessary. With the steady accumulation of audience, the growing popularity of Ada is becoming more and more high, good reputation to let Ada portray an independent character and outstanding artists. It is reported, the Ada has 'won' the top domestic sunglasses brand wei's product endorsements. This is undoubtedly to further expand its business. As a domestic high-end brand of wei's why choose Ada do they face? Wei's revealed in 'the fashion, self-help, goddess of the Ada that fit is very accord with wei's brand positioning of brand sunglasses. 'As a new jin wei's spokesperson, Ada also said:' finally have a chance to make people look up from my chest to my eyes! 'Indeed, as the goddess of the level of Ada dignified and easy, can pass effortlessly modern beauty - — Sexy girl with sweet, ripe smell of intellectual. Maybe in the entertainment circle, do oneself is a very good thing, 'four two breasts' and 'kindness one thousand jins' exactly what does light or heavy, no audience willing to take time to know, however, Ada are willing to use the time to prove to himself, no matter where you like yourself, she is worth you like, is worth looking back on it, you like her is not a disgrace.
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