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Goddess Yang appeared in Shanghai return small 3 times

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Announced on December 30, 2013, the director guo 'small age 3' eng shaw played for Yang mi. Line today, wearing a black hat and black sunglasses Yang mi low-key appearance of Shanghai hongqiao airport, return to the set. As a new generation of actress Yang mi, gestures are subject to the fans and media attention. After about Yang mi pregnancy rumours abound, but the Yang mi return to cast and indirect clarify the pregnancy rumors. In guo's movie 'the tiny times, as Lin xiao Yang mi by netizens praised super surprise, had a lot of the audience and the industry's praise. Nearly, before that, due to the wedding in the corner of the small age 3 eng. Xiao final candidate has been in a pending state, and netizens have said saw Lin xiao Yang mi play will not used to see others. When guo Yang mi on weibo said after return small age 3, Yang also said on weibo 'little times to accompany me through the brokenhearted, to become the bride will accompany me to bring joy. It with me all the way to grow, until I become that xiao Lin in the book. Small age 3, small four and I chatted for a long time, we all don't know how to face the upcoming trials and difficulties. But eventually, we choose to fight together. I love xiao Lin, and I love all of you together have little time. So, I'm back. 'As a result of the January 8, the day will come, the goddess of Yang mi the return small 3 times, will be completed during the period of' Lin xiao 'role in the grand wedding ceremony, and small age 3 will also be Yang mi hand works in 2014.
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