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Good make up glasses sister hurriedly go 'liao' khan

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
The May Day holiday here, are you in the office has been set off on a journey? As the four eyes sister to wear contact lenses, every go out to play as frame glasses too soil affect image! As a single, of course, when this good thing to a man's dog go out liao han! But go out all day long to wear contact lenses, often eyes are dry in the afternoon, the serious influence to travel. Then the frame glasses can become beautiful? — — Of course! As long as you select the right glasses, master the skills, can also succeed liao han oh ~ why star eye makeup with glasses so beautiful, not only looks still has the aura of literature and art? Such as our U. S. princess Anne, it's really a girl with a pair of glasses for a perfect reference. In the movie 'One Day' Anne hathaway, glasses as if did not become a burden to her, but let her artistic temperament is more prominent. Want to glasses out of rocks, first makeup to clean. Fresh eye makeup and thick eyebrows, black-rimmed glasses looks more delicate, long hair or is it! Emma will be outstanding students and women deduce very reach the designated position, wearing glasses, she did not like the nerd inflexible, also appear very enterprising. If you want to let makeup appear atmosphere, cannot use too strong color. Especially when wearing glasses, false eyelash is really over, and in an instant by non-mainstream. Brush the eyelash must pay attention to the nature, with root trenchant root rather than agglomeration, not to mention the non-mainstream fly legs. Eyelash brush too thick will only make your eyes feel very mess, especially through the lens to see, feel is not very clean. Slender eyeliner. Double-fold eyelid or folds, let god eyes, the method of fast is eyeliner. You can use the liquid eyeliner or quality of a material soft eyeliner, will start painted eyeliner from the eyelash root, clear line can make large eyes. Lens reflective effect, will also be weakened eyeliner after painting. Sagawa fujii 74188 c176 leisure plank box code unisex hawksbill myopia glasses eye shadow color is very important. The color of the choice of avoid by all means is too strong, they can accentuate the eye outside convex feeling. Brown, purple is very safe choice. After you and your makeup to match glasses, make sure your glasses are help you explain out your makeup look better, don't let a person feel your glasses redundant, but to dress up your makeup and it has been integrated.
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