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'Grandpa age 38' three generations of a high level of appearance sunglasses an 'love'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
Directed by Korea auteur AnBing base, quickly go. some, sorry and Lv Yuncong family comedy starring film 'grandpa age 38' will be released on July 15. Recently the film exposes a set of summer edition character posters, three star of all appearance, fashionable sunglasses modelling beautiful cool and refreshing, shallow light warm color picture feast for the eyes. Posters 'daughter' sorry wearing sunglasses on its feet, 'grandson' Lv Yuncong sunglasses show lovely, only the 'grandpa' quickly go. some a face of terror, just with the '7. Bad baby 'in the summer of 15 films slogan perfect echo. This group is also the film poster announced on the first material released after. We like to recommend a few sunglasses with the first one: sunglasses factory C2 black/ms YC9709 sunglasses lens dazzle colour mass nade friends RB2132 - 622/17 men sunglasses black/F dazzle colour blue piece main 'cool of Eva, tender mother, grandpa,' grandpa age 38 is typical family comedy, the exposure of the summer edition of characters, three generations of a high level of appearance neat appearance, fashionable sunglasses modelling god synchronization, scrutinize every lenses also find hidden mystery, like in a three generation with sunglasses 'passion' from a distance, little affectations attraction, novel and interesting. On 'spirit' is a beautiful girl sorry vigour, 'small child genius' Lv Yuncong cute, only the 'Mr. Big' quickly go. some bit her finger a face of terror, seems to be a heartbreaker get both mother and son. 'Grandpa age 38' storyline is the extraordinary: young single mother Tang Huiru ( Sorry) With a 5 year old son Tang Jiadong ( Lv Yuncong) Thousands of miles, locate contended, 38, a single radio host hastily ( Quickly go. some) This wonderful work on an unprecedented set of three generations of the shadow of the mainland city, three characters 'explosive' high-energy age difference between suction eye effect is pretty hard, from production to the file has been high-profile. 'Grandpa age 38' will be released in July 15 national, this family for young and old comedy like a wisp of cool breeze in the hot summer, in summer decompression, the audiences of all ages can go to the cinema relax.
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