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'Grandpa four' nicky wu black box in the airport a bit tired

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
'Grandpa four' nicky wu yesterday with black glasses appeared in the airport, look a bit tired. A pair of black box covered face can mask to a few minutes of sorrow, but a face of expression or the naked! According to media reports, nicky wu has also been strongly gastroenteritis outbreak in the process of recording, still kept on working in spite of, very professional! Also the cold wave anomalies fierce yesterday, the low temperature, cold wind blow gently, everyone is have covering. Nicky wu is very neat appearance at the airport. He was dressed in military camouflage cotton-padded jacket, wearing glasses, no hat and no mask, consumedly square square of walk his own way. But he looked very tired, and his hands had been folded his arms around the waist seems to want more warm in the winter. Wearing black box 'grandpa four' appear more mature, the charm of a mature man, and kind of sensible, gentle bookish, looks very young trend! Want to use black box can modify their dear friends to purchase sunglasses glasses factory oh ~ not only are there more styles, quality assurance, can choose to the satisfaction of glasses! Recommend black-rimmed glasses: 50001 black sunglasses factory C01 plank all yards neutral myopia frame ray-ban unisex high-end plank RB5296D2000 black glasses frame 001 ferragamo SF2715A men bright black
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