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Grandson couple with black box self-destruction image

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Recently a grandson couple empress's new film 'the villain angel' received warm reviews, this movie is deng chao and sun li co-star, Internet users a lot of controversy after release. Especially the grandson couple empress of the black box of the classic image, and the 'Mi month' to form bright contrast, some netizens said it's spell of empress, with black box self-destruction image! Sun li in the play had a ridiculous watermelon skin hair and super short neat bang and a big glass frame, straight reckless vulgar, couldn't see the beauty of half of the shadow! Originally beautiful empress should have this pair of makeup look? Sun li's face belongs to a rectangle, actually is not very pointed chin, leave the ultrashort neat bang magnify the lack of face! And sun li to wear in the play a huge black-rimmed glasses, lenses and all, to face together, can't more soil! This is to remind us that beauty can, glasses to be careful when dealing with this kind of accessories. General black-rimmed glasses belong to the joker, but type box to choose according to their own face, round face try to choose square glasses, square face wore round glasses or have radian glasses are good, don't be faulty oh, otherwise also hit his signature! Recommend black-rimmed glasses: new ports myopia frame lightweight plank female myopia frame genuine POF14303 black sunglass factory FB5007C3 unisex casual black box all square plate myopia glasses burberry B2173F ms glass frame 3001 black images from the movie villain angel, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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