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Grateful to times popular actress glasses with literature and art

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
In KBS television hit grateful times, more than the 30 s Korea and Shanghai, China as the background, deduced a Korea, China, Japan, the three gang of affection, love, friendship and friendship between the 'perceptual black' romantic story. The actor 'chint played by han edition' flower ze class 'hyun-joong, export ogre Ye heroine is played by im soo-hyang. Xiu-xiang Lin in the play the modelling changeable, especially the glasses with the different interpretation of charm, there are both light ripe female charm and the new era of women's literature and art movement, perfectly fused glasses in his character, and was deeply loved by the audience. As a new generation of actresses, im soo-hyang with excellent acting skills, in the new born prostitution biography, the IRIS2 have great performances, such as the play in the show, her interpretation of a full of contradictions and glamorous woman, with hyun-joong plays 'chint, possesses a love hate imbroglio.
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