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Guangzhou out of the ', Kim jong UN, 'sunglasses role can not be ignored

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
Guangzhou has a restaurant boss because all forms look like Kim jong UN, nearly all of a sudden fire up on the Internet. He dressed in a suit Chinese tunic suit, wear a pair of black frame glasses, do the gesture of Kim jong UN, is really like. But there are comments said: just like sunglasses, do not wear only five points. Effectiveness of sunglasses are not small ~ according to the yangcheng evening news, February 12 in the evening, a man in guangzhou because of the high resembling north Korean leader, Kim jong UN, as in the network. On February 13 at noon, the reporter in guangzhou baiyun district Xia Mao, found the name to open a restaurant in guangzhou, long similar men, Kim jong UN. Shaanxi man to open a restaurant in guangzhou, after the customers ask for say 'you look like Kim jong UN,' February 13 at noon, the reporter in guangzhou baiyun district Xia Mao commercial street, found on social networking sites by netizens of onlookers - 'guangzhou Kim jong UN' - - From shaanxi, to open a restaurant in guangzhou man zhang Ming. Only a generation of clear there is a similar to Kim jong UN, hairstyle, and also similar micro fat figure. , not only appearance and shape similar to the 'guangzhou Kim jong UN,' is smaller than real Kim jong UN, 1 year old. 'Wears dark glasses to put on clothes, more like. 'During the interview, zhang Ming took a similar to the Chinese tunic suit jacket from the store, and a pair of sunglasses. When coat wear your sunglasses a top, a like wearing sunglasses, Kim jong UN, image, and in front of the neighborhood. To make themselves look more like Kim jong UN, generation of zhang Ming during a picture, but also slightly waved and looks quite a 'leader' style. 'Is also a customer said I like, I just found. 'Zhang Ming said, their customers, mostly Xia Mao commercial street, a college student. Soon about two years ago, when Kim jong-un came to power, Kim jong UN photos from media reports, slowly begin to be familiar with by guangzhou citizens. One day, a student diners to zhang Ming's restaurant after dinner, look for a generation of Ming, then said, 'boss, you look like Kim jong UN. '' I don't know then who is Kim jong UN. Zhang Ming said, 'he later Internet searching to find a photo of Kim jong UN, found that really like. Before long, 'outside the school gate restaurant boss like Kim jong UN,' news, started by college students know. Quite a few students after class to the generation of zhang Ming restaurants, finished will always find a generation of Ming. 'I would have this outfit. 'Generation of zhang Ming said that he himself did not deliberately to imitate, Kim jong UN, because it is such a hair style and figure, and just have a similar to the Chinese tunic suit jacket. 'Someone told me, go and see where there is a badge of what to buy a few, don't more like Kim jong UN on clothes. 'Generation of zhang Ming said that he wanted to do a good job in the restaurant business, there would be no listened to friends advice. During the Spring Festival park by tourists watch pictures, Internet became a web celebrity photos generation Ming looks like Kim jong UN, just before Xia Mao area was spread a small scale. The Spring Festival this year, zhang Ming didn't go home, visit in guangzhou. As a result, a play, let him become a web celebrity. 'I have to go to the hushan park, and then being recognized. 'Zhang Ming said, hushan park visitors see generation zhang Ming, also feel looks like Kim jong UN, many tourists so' watch 'himself and taking pictures. After taking photos as a result, some tourists, the photos uploaded on social networking sites. The reporter sees in the social network, network posted about Kim jong UN, 'guangzhou', a night more than 100 netizen comment. Many people leave a message, amazing, net friend 'brave heart', said 'is really like, head type, too. ”; Netizen 'mobile phone users, 5891085832' said, 'just like sunglasses, don't wear only five points. '
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