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GUCCI sunglasses for spring and summer new product appearance Taiwan Formosa glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Guide language: GUCCI glasses chun xia series held in glasses than Taiwan island pond flagship store, brought more than 300 pair of synchronizing Europe with new products. It is worth mentioning that ms series, classic bamboo elements appeared.
recently, glasses leading enterprises from Taiwan Formosa glasses to Italy's glasses it group, pond within its flagship store together present GUCCI2012 chun xia glasses series exhibition, the first European fashion the new trend. Complete the exhibits rich, four elaborate stage, a total of more than 300 pair of synchronizing with the new product, almost all of the products including the GUCCI2012 spring and summer series glasses, and the exhibition will be continued until May 13, as long as you like, you can take this opportunity to choose a right before the May 1 to the GUCCI sunglasses, with their spend a summer.
the reporter understands, this exhibition of spring GUCCI glasses popular wind restoring ancient ways, on the material and has new breakthrough, as through perfect colour collocation of the double plate, special plate has super light texture, can even like the & # 8220; The pillow & # 8221; As according to the personal facial contour to fine-tune the plank, have been applied by clever ground frame, part of the glasses is also using the new LOGO design.
in particular from the creative director Frida Giannini design & # 8220; Bamboo & # 8221; Ms series, this sunglasses frames are designed and elegant bamboo, let sunglasses side highlights the atmosphere and unique package design. Before the mirror legs and circles on the small size of the metal loop simulating natural section on bamboo group effect.
“ Bamboo is a classic Gucci brand design, if you already have a Gucci handbags with a ribbed pattern, coupled with a same element of Gucci sunglasses, walking in the street that is quite a tide. ” The relevant person in charge of GUCCI glasses said with a smile.

epilogue: restoring ancient ways is the trend of this year, the show of spring GUCCI glasses wind restoring ancient ways is popular, you can take this opportunity to choose a glasses, right before the May Day to accompany myself through a splendid summer.
the article title: GUCCI sunglasses for spring and summer new product appearance glasses
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