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GUESS glasses series youth horn: make public the works

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
GUESS 2017 spring and summer new glasses series introduced detail &variety of men's sunglasses and optical glasses. Bright original line integration innovation elements, reminiscent of the bold spirit of the brand - Symbol of young, sexy and risk attitude to life. This latest pay attention to fashion and chic, into the high identification degree on detail design, such as mirror legs use brand beloved tannin, and the trademark triangular element in the first box, combined with its leg corresponding, it belongs to the world of GUESS. Focus on details can reflect on the more 'wild type' frame, with innovative technology, print out the special animal motifs. Plane of the lens, color collocation, a mixture of acetate and metal material the outstanding elements, has become the essential this season, the best design.
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