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Guo jingjing retires trend dress up busy for gold

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Guo jingjing in the long-awaited finally retired, become a 'leftover women' sports value. After guo jingjing still led a retired 'rounds' life, just don't have to training and competition, all her time and energy to learning, catwalk and surge giants. Although was sports celebrities, guo jingjing has already with her artist temperament and topic has become a new generation of the queen of ball games, business activities of the many domestic star dust. Guo jingjing has been witnessed to Shanghai, while the new pink purple with TOD 'S handbags, uniform cap, black-rimmed glasses dressed up her star flavour is dye-in-the-wood, guo jingjing else, dragging her designer suitcases have legs, powerful aura. To retirement plans, she said don't want to do both deng yaping, fu mingxia also don't want to do, but 'be yourself', has been coy about rich boy Kenneth fok engaged. But look from guo jingjing calm expression, married or not married, the giants are there.
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