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Halma Li Xiangling classes, anti-season wear a big powder wind polarized sunglasses very grab an eye

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Li xiang ( Famous show host) In 1997, hunan satellite TV 'happy camp'. CCTV CSM ratings survey in 2003 the national top popular TV host; Re-elected in 2003, 'environmental protection ambassador' of China environment protection foundation; Three times awarded 'popular host' title; For China's 'golden microphone' award the title of the host. ( 2] In 2001 was named the hunan bureau of radio and television host 'popular' merit citation class ii. Is hosted in the mainland is also a big task. Li xiang appeared in Shanghai hongqiao airport recently, li xiang was different from other people in the day, wearing a pink skirt wearing polarized sunglasses very grab an eye, she used to be the focus of li xiang went all the way through the cafe, straight to the parking lot on leave. Li xiang long anti-season wear pink coat, sexy black silk and trendy sunglasses li xiang Shanghai hongqiao airport and foreman pace halma li xiang always give a person highly effective state, this has always been the elder sister of the variety dare she is leaving at the top 'happy camp', also dare to carry bag into the business world. Loves a challenge, follow the heart, never force yourself to do anything. Li xiang always calm, no matter how to be written, never chafing before the public. Forefront, she always poking fun at his own negative news, in the program as a media people, she said this was done to show. Pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact
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