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Han Dongjun sunglasses modelling a handsome is the four seasons

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Han Dongjun image good, decent shape, but not a good actor, but also a handsome racing driver. Han Dongjun sunglasses modelling is very handsome, and in which season, have their own characteristics. Han Dongjun in stitching jacket and black turtleneck, sunglasses and men's backpack item let he is full of vitality. Han Dongjun dressed contracted handsome, in a casual Look, wearing a pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses and plus for its charm, full of vitality of the fresh meat qi is feel shine at the moment! This is worn by the Han Dongjun CK1214S, the glasses design contracted, unique double bridge design tie-in thin metallic mirror legs, full of contemporary feeling as a whole. Picture frame design and fluent line with metal ornament two hinges, extremely individual character and ponder dye-in-the-wood, bring out the best in each other and Han Dongjun sunshine handsome image. Recently, the little fresh Han Dongjun in a simple white T-shirt with a casual baseball uniform, dressed in a tide of uniform he dressed with handsome sex, a pair of sunglasses to reveal personality charm. Recommended: black-rimmed glasses sunglasses factory YC3030 unisex black frame sunglasses sunglasses factory YC3029 unisex black frame sunglasses
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