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Hangzhou fashion street snap tide people also love glasses!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
Taking snapshots in a nutshell is the cameraman USES camera to capture the street fashionable element, star or an ordinary person, as long as you enough tide! In hangzhou, there is such a street snap, believe you also very well, his name is 'roll'. Get uncle often more trendy people taking snapshots in weibo, we don't think don't wear glasses to look good, in fact fashion street snap, tide people also love glasses! Fine glasses have s feeling extremely thin glasses, has been praised by tide restoring ancient ways of people's favor. Fine glasses design change multiterminal, also compared with the traditional narrow glasses, more can highlight the young vigor and vitality; Compared with of the thick glasses, more literary small and pure and fresh. From street snap roll uncle weibo pictures from street snap roll uncle weibo thick glasses thick glasses once all the rage is not without reason, speaking of its role is much, wearing glasses show small also face the tender, perfect age artifacts reduction! Different design and color is tie-in, the effect of the different wearing thick glasses with sportswear will show youthful vitality, restoring ancient ways collocation wear and literature and art. From street snap roll uncle weibo pictures from street snap roll uncle weibo
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