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Hans zhang charm sunglasses show alternately fresh and gorgeous aggressive

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Brought Hans zhang small make up the first thought is a sign of his smiling face, ones that attractive, Hans zhang is very handsome, especially the appearance of the sunglasses! A black suit is concise and agile, high-end exquisite British wind cultivate one's morality. Within a design feeling tie from small details reveal its extraordinary fashion taste. Tall and straight body with good facial features show light ripe gentleman of male charm, black covered face cool feels dye-in-the-wood. Hans zhang airport street picture exposure, and out of Hans zhang wearing black super, spirit, full play relaxed minimalist wind. One set of pure white shirt and black trousers, don't light ripe sunshine. Hans zhang, dressed in a black fleece and same color leisure trousers, match with white shoes and hats, along with the gender contracted with black and white, but highlights its tall stature and the big long legs straight, sunglasses covered face more show its cool handsome. Hans zhang sapphire, dressed in a clean and relaxed, motorcycle jacket in a simple white T-shirt, fashion sense and warm and along with the gender, aviator sunglasses covered surface is cool, and the hands of the doll bear more playful side show a big boy. Aviator sunglasses recommend: LeiPengChao frameless lens dazzle colour blue alloy big yards
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