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Have you ever known the brand of sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-17
Sunglasses are now a protective eyewear tool for people to block the sun when traveling, and they have become one of the fashionable decorations today. From ordinary people to entertainers, they are all part of everyone's daily life. So, have you ever paid attention to the brand of sunglasses you use? Different sunglasses brands have different design styles, design concepts, price positioning and wearing groups. 1. Ray-Ban sunglasses First, let's take a look at Ray-Ban sunglasses. The brand was designed for pilots to protect their eyes, not only to prevent glare but also to prevent ultraviolet rays. Once launched, it was named 'Navigator' by the US Air Force. Subsequently, Ray-Ban introduced it to the market, and it is still the world's leader in sun-shielding sunglasses. Its style is timeless design, simple style, not deliberately pursuing fashion, focusing on practicality, but its classic style is always enduring. At present, most of the Ray-Ban styles available in Gome are suitable for Asians, and the sunglasses are mainly eye-protecting green. Second, Versace sunglasses followed by the brand of Versace sunglasses, as always, uphold the brand's usual luxury, gorgeous and sexy style, while focusing on romantic and pleasant sentiment, but also pay attention to the expression of artistic sense, to show the world its transparency The charm of it. Absolutely thin and transparent lenses, leading through the current popular transparency index, its brand style is very popular among young people. Third, Baosheng polarized sunglasses are followed by Baosheng polarized sunglasses. Its lenses are very unique and are made of seven different special materials. The curvature and polarization of the lenses are designed based on precise optical principles. Yes, it has been strengthened to make the lens not easy to deform and break, and it is also particularly resistant to scratches. In addition, the lenses are darker in color, and the calm style is deeply loved by middle-aged men.
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