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Have you ever seen such glasses wal?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
With a spend bone, honour on Wallace huo is a big fire in 2015 and subsequent and relay when he comes, please close your eyes, so even though the statue is low-key, don't show up, but only with dramas will never fade out the line of sight. As a popular of retired veteran cadres, retired veteran cadres in wal is star style model. Recently a wal 'scold' fan video on weibo, fans screamed wal cadre 'up' again. Actually even scold, also is gentle care, let a person heart warm, can feel the wal to concern and care about the fans. The retired veteran cadres of wal image more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Star wearing dark glasses is basically normal, too common, wears big black glasses are also common. However, have you ever seen a wal this appearance? So young photos or small make up accidentally discovered. Simple frame glasses, pink ice pops, cock pinkie, meng meng's eyes, it is just a butter unripe one, in an instant hit on the small make up girl of heart. Business glasses will wear a lovely rocks, wuli China and China is so cool! A simple frame glasses, will be highlighted his double-fold eyelid long eyelashes more conspicuous, especially that through the lens of the eye, of the heart, is a lost of sika deer is there. No, small make up is too excited, let me slowly. 。 。 。 。 。
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