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Heard that 'metallic' sunglasses and sunny autumn day worthy of oh, 2)

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Metal sunglasses, let a person have 'seem very expensive' at the first glance, so be sure to show the advanced sense, make the wearer knows elegant expensive gas mature man. So today, you follow me, take a look at how to wear sunglasses more dignitaries gas! Strong sunlight clear picture frame emphasize transparent frame of pervious to light, the season in the sun's powerful resort wear, more emphasis on the season, let a person delighted. Outside the highlight cool and refreshing, metallic luster and more. Recommended reading: metal glasses or high price? 999. 9 feelsun carefully polished metal feeling, side face also expensive gas sunglasses of this combination, the thin light in front of the plastic box part and hard metal mirror legs combination of impression. No mirror mirror leg leg sets of style and rich expression, comfortable wear feeling, and the sun still can reflect beautiful glory. Add expensive gas white cardigan for relaxed modelling the contracted modelling of shirt and black trousers, decorated with double centre sill light color sunglasses add expensive gas. This one small addition let contracted modelling is a type, it is to let people see is the noble metal framework. GUCCI sunglasses double centre sill design brow to open deep impression to the person, the eyebrow line of eye end hung show GUCCI distinctive aesthetic consciousness. Mirror on the leg of the iconic mesh stripes, show the overwhelming impression expensive gas, let a person be clear at a glance. Eye also can easily add masculine military uniform style shirt instead of thin coat in two pockets, very suitable for fully and luster of half mirror light color sunglasses. Because both are relaxed and manly item, so the match effect is very good. Persol with hard working and manly impression this sunglasses with matte black metal parts and hawksbill style plastic picture frame combination, with expensive gas manly. And the weight of the metal leg to add the straight line of the mirror, show the smart impression. The light color of a lens is glass mirror lenses, strength strong, was also for military supplies. Highlight the metallic sunglasses match impression strong sense of clothing modelling in the metal sunglasses, configure the edge of the metal in front of the design will be more prominent metallic simple sense. So, even the nifty trademark letter sweaters, also can to match. Create a heart play is confident male image. Moncler Lunettes has eternal but the charm of the Boston model sunglasses, with a metal frame and a bit bigger than frame lens combination. Mirror on the leg with Moncler LOGO of one of the iconic hinge. Showed both contemporary popular feeling, but also showing the eternal charm of classical. 吗? 吗?
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