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Heard that 'metallic' sunglasses and sunny autumn day worthy of oh, A)

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Attractive mature man, not simply look at the weather forecast on judging the weather. Because the sunny life more interesting, the girl also like by invitation at this time. So like the mature man of sunshine, eye for wear light color lenses 'metal' sunglasses. 'Metallic glasses' bring cool feeling of gloss and transparency of the light color lenses, seem to be cool and refreshing. So, wear can add flavor for the eye immediately. Recommended reading: sunglasses to common sense, you know? In eye add mature sense of style even in travel, mature men don't forgot to take my suit jacket. Choice of the expensive gas metal sunglasses sense of style. If is the light color lenses, would not seem too stiff, add style sense very easily in the eye. Ptolemy48 delicate multilayer frame, reveals metal sense will be Italian MAZZUCCHELLI company posted three layers of material of acetate fiber part, combined the technology of using the remarkable suppression, the birth of delicate on the metal centre sill, frame, nose, made into multi-layer metal composite frame structure. Unique centre sill labeled acetate on the back of the metal, metal feeling more prominently. Mature man in echo of lens color model of unified feeling holiday feeling of shirt, enjoy the sun is shining of openness. Of course, an eye for collocation with expensive gas cool and refreshing sense of metal sunglasses impression. If use the color of the lens that coincide with the shirt, more can show the unity of the modelling of a mature man. Eyevan 7285 classical and beautiful box (box of Windsor Windsor Coated plastic) Sunglasses are classical metal models in Boston. Centre sill and bazoo holds use metal sculpture, plastic package inside can be seen on the front of polishing metal rim, delicate and exquisite sense of advanced, charming. The lens type using polarizing the original lens. 吗? 吗?
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