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Heard that modern people must a transparent glasses or sunglasses this year?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Since last year, the fashion circle has revealed a 'storm' glasses, give priority to with Ken to amuse a trendsetter pretend 'nearsightedness' in succession, the transparent glasses. Kendall jenna ( 肯德尔Jenner) Emily tower khodorkovsky ( Emily Ratajkowski) Images from social networking/personal blog, jia la method ( Chiara Ferragni) Kendall jenna ( 肯德尔Jenner) One of the best drivers of the affair will tease, this year will remain in the first line, recently in the ins and show a pair of glasses from the photos, or metal frame of the transparent glasses, just size becomes larger than last year. Kendall jenna ( 肯德尔Jenner) Watch shows together with brother-in-law big talker, of course, also want to wear the most fashionable glasses! Collision yellow shirt skirt with red lips, color is very good-looking, low chest with rigid frame, sven amorous feelings of the most deadly. Jia la method, ( Chiara Ferragni) Images from social networking/personal blog, jia la method ( Chiara Ferragni) Yu bo Chiara is also one of the important participants of 'storm' glasses, in addition to her likes and willing to make the same 'pseudo myopia glasses', also is very keen on transparent yellow glasses. Bought a mirror is also white buy oh! Kitty zhang pictures from social networking/personal blog li yi feng gd ( G - 龙) Chiara this yellow transparent glasses is definitely the most red this season, the stars of the big coffee at home and abroad have to pay for it. Special color and exaggerated shapes, really want to low-key. Images from social networking/personal blog if there is any infringement please contact deleted
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