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Helen Keller by philips, take you take a walk in the streets of Dali

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
What's your first impression of yunnan? The maple leaf is a spectacular framed, or elegance, a quiet town, or rippling erhai lake? Helen Keller hand in hand to philips TV in autumnal equinox formulated the 'south of cloud mirror, fly not tourist routes, invited several life good things, good at mining swim with yunnan Dali, take you feel the unique scenery, share the good things in life, feel like flying quality life! Travel in addition to the beautiful scenery, a day to rest for yourself to battery hotel is also very important, so in the exclusive travel route, Helen Keller and philips exclusive special customization for the members of the presidential suite, enjoy philips intelligent home appliances in the suite brings the convenience of life, but also can feel the Helen Keller blu-ray optical lens to bring the comfortable visual experience. Presidential suite inside as well as the soft and comfortable big bed, and a TV set, blue leisure necessary comfortable and prepared Helen Keller custom blue glasses, whether watching TV or do you want to open the computer be repaired today, can protect your eyes more intimately, the details of the travel experience intimacy more upgrades. Recommended reading: market blue lenses are the same in addition to the philips TV, room and other small appliances, such as hanging ironing machine, air purifier, dehumidifier, let you travel every detail has a more comfortable life experience. Even the toilet of philips electric toothbrushes, hair dryer, shaver, cleansing instrument also from soup to nuts. Before sleeping, philips eye massager relieve eye fatigue and direct eye problems, fade out black rim of the eye. Let you open the Dali in the philips surrounded by love trip! All know jade dragon snow mountain is very famous, but do you know why famous? As a mountain of the naxi people, it is and what is the unique charm attracts millions of people travel to? Helen Keller will climb the mountain with philips talent team, to share the beauty of the snow mountain majestic atmosphere. Considering the snowy mountain light damage to the human eye, Helen Keller also caring for each other the polarized sunglasses, resist high altitude strong light, more effectively protect your eyes. Helen Keller H8618 - How can HD16 in Dali is bad meal? Oneself make delicious can make a more meaningful journey! Philips coffee machine, juicer, boiling kettle, broken wall machine and air fryer best CP, make travel in the hotel kitchen life more interesting, more convenient. Each city's ancient city there are always some resemblance, but Dali more than any other city some artistic breath, is an attractive place for many literature youth. Helen Keller's team will be in Dali trace the history, leave footprints on the green flag road, visit the tunnels and popular food and footprint of people's life, with philips intelligent photography camera phone records, and send to Helen Keller sunglasses. If Dali to let a person a sense of belonging, erhai lake is the feelings sublimation, let people return to nature itself better, erhai lake cycling, bai tie-dye technology experience, to experience the local ethnic customs. Dali tie-dye is Dali bai and yi's traditional folk handicrafts, is the ancient folk dyeing process, originated in more than 1000 years ago in the central plains, with wax and hollow out printing and called China's three major ancient printing techniques. Finish tie-dye, can also walk, ride at the edge of the erhai lake. Have seen the great way to put feelings, friends will some erhai lake erhai lake ring a lap down more than 160 kilometers, in Dali renting the gasoline version of motorcycle surrounded by a circle can see another scenery. There is no traffic, no viaduct, not limited and odd number and such forever of traffic lights, riding a motorcycle wear glasses, Helen Keller shuttle beside erhai, breathing the fresh air, just like Columbus in America's exclamation: 'Buenos Aires! “( Good air) In general. Travel and life, must have the moment the eyes to find beauty, Helen Keller & amp; Philips specially customized 'play yunnan, fly not tourist routes, make you forget the trouble of city life, reinforced concrete, the noise of the people are busy, to calm down and enjoy the beauty of nature, perception of the mind. The philips and Helen Keller company, the more you bring the quality of life. 16:00 on September 25, Helen Keller met Dali with you, feel the slow life, and I take a walk in the streets of Dali live links: https://pages. 淘宝商城。 com/wow/hotspot/act/tmall- 生活- - - - - - 球员吗? wh_cid = 76 dea267 - d6ce- 49 a0 - bab2 - C603fe5cb7ed article source: Helen Keller glasses infringement please contact deleted
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