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HERZOG, the duke of German 'sakura' sunglasses: return to a carefree life

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
'People are too busy, too anxious, I want to borrow the cherry blossom series express a carefree way of life, also advocate people to slow down, take time to go outside to see more, don't be sticked work. 'The duke of HERZOG, German' sakura 'series after the release of the first quarter sunglasses, designer Doris is excited to tell us about the own designed. Deep in the field of glasses designed for 15 years, Doris said and not quite the same as before, the 'cherry blossoms' series of sunglasses design inspiration comes from a foreign trip, full of accident. Today in early march, the famously workaholic Doris due to long-term high strength work feel very tired, in a friend advice, she decided to give her to take a holiday, go to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Japan. In march, Tokyo cherry blossom blossoming open, place oneself in ueno park's cherry blossoms world, like into the sanctuary. As a cloud is like cherry blossom chardonnay, lazy lying in the branches, with a kind of be a spring soft, pure and fresh quietly elegant aroma from around, intoxicating. Wind, gently falling petals, in the set off of sunshine, like pink butterflies in the dance. Doris poetic scene feeling unprecedented relaxed and happy, also aroused her creative inspiration. She think if the cherry blossoms elements injection into the design of sunglasses, to build a full feature of the series, to deliver a comfortable and carefree life philosophy, it must be very good! After returning from Tokyo, Doris immediately set out to develop the design, the last a few months time, after several middle correcting, finally achieved satisfactory results. 'Cherry blossoms' series in the first quarter to European industrial line as the design basis, different from other series, in terms of radian Angle and the adjustment and innovation of professional, whole presents a unique geometrical aesthetic feeling. Doris choose Italian pure manual plate as a picture frame, in which blended in a lot of pink cherry blossoms elements, little cherry compose on the cheek, and looks bright and bright, emitting a distinctive fashion charm. HERZOG, the duke of German 'cherry blossoms' series of sunglasses, which was the general fashion bloggers and the trend of the people's favor, the aesthetic and creative design concept expression of relaxed and comfortable as many agents of objects. Doris said: the beginning of march next year, the duke of HERZOG, German will launch 'cherry blossoms' series of sunglasses in the second quarter, compared with the first quarter, it there will be more on detail deepening and innovation. This article from sohu fashion, slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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