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High number of myopia can wear sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Rising temperatures, have quietly to tell us this summer. Sorching summer, strong sunlight really let a person eyesight whiting, I can wear a pair of sunglasses? But I am myopic, high myopia, can high number of myopia wear sunglasses? Perhaps many myopic friends, for myopia picture frame, short-sighted lens and the understanding of myopia sunglasses or a lot, about whether high number can wear sunglasses, first listen to the small make up for you to solve, you know! Myopia glasses myopia sun picture frame type is very big, the higher the degree, the thicker the lens, it's about the limit of more than four hundred or so, five hundred and sixty baidu can do it, but make the lens will be thick, glasses will be heavier, if the requirement of weight not so high, can choose according to be fond of of! Generally under joint luminosity 600 degrees myopia sunglasses is ok!
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