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High quality color lenses have the characteristics of what

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
Color lenses is according to the change of the sunlight intensity, automatically change color, in order to protect the vision, improve the aesthetic feeling, reduce the sun's rays and ultraviolet stimulation and damage to the eyes. When BianSeJing of choose and buy, choose the right color and don't choose high quality lenses are not enough. On the market sell inferior a lot of glasses, a pair of without precision machining and inspection of poor glasses, wear will make you look after image distortion distortion, consumption vision, eye fatigue, cause all kinds of eye diseases. So what color glasses have characteristics of high quality? ( 1) High quality color lens surface, free from scratches, bruises, wool surface, pitting, welcomed optical lens oblique observation, degree of finish is extremely high. Inside the lens no spots, stones, stripes, bubble, crack, pervious to light and bright. ( 2) BianSeJing two pieces of lens thickness should be consistent, not a thick, thin, otherwise, can affect vision, impair the health of the eyes. Single chip thickness is even, if it is color flat lenses, the thickness of about 2 mm advisable, smooth edges. ( 3) Two pieces of color glasses lens, lens must be the same quality and no difference color wants even, can't present several kinds of color, no 'color' of Yin and Yang; See the sunshine, color changing fast, no sunshine, the fading time faster. Inferior slow lens discoloration, fading fast, or become angry fast, slow fading. Poor color glasses does not change color. ( 4) Discoloration speed: high-quality BianSeJing, have rapid response ability to environment, put under sunlight BianSeJing about 10 minutes, which should reach big color depth, or discoloration of poor quality. Will have under the fluorescent color glasses to the dark, lens surgery for high-quality BianSeJing time no more than 20 minutes. ( 5) Without any feeling when wearing, not giddy eye bilges, observe objects is fuzzy, not out of shape. When buying, take glasses, monocular through the lens, see distant objects, move up and down the lens, distant objects move should not happen illusion. ( 6) BianSeJing protection, high quality, can be 100% uv blocking A uv B, provide Dai Jingzhe effective uv protection.
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