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High quality domestic sun glasses is recommended

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
The sun glasses for people to travel the necessary sheet is tasted, not only can keep out sunshine, also help to take photos concave shape. A lot of friends like to buy imported sunglasses, actually domestic also is very good oh! Below small make up to introduce a few good homebred the sun glasses. 1, tyrannosaurus BOLON glasses, founded in 2003, focusing on the glasses industry, is standing in the classic fashion, always stay in the innovation to become the style of elegant taste, with charming temperament and personality charm. BOLON, always is the modern fashionable and elegant perfect deduce. 2, dolphins 'dolphin POPOS' Yang is a mirror is heading for the world fashion cutting-edge international brands, from domestic senior designer fusion domestic/international popular trend, elaborate design is completed, it brings together all the fashionable element, with stunning design, exquisite material, novel design and diversified model, mapping out the sunglasses world profusion is colorful. Fashionable retro sunglasses authentic big box female dolphins po1019c6 purple shade sunglass 3, send li MengPa beautiful fashionable sunglasses since founded in 1992, twenty years of brand management, send li always follow romantic European style, fusion of fashion, delicate, comfortable, durable, and many other elements, selects the high quality lenses and frames is qualitative, according to the characteristics of Oriental face continuously improve glasses wearing comfort, durability and stylish, lead domestic sunglasses fashion trend, fashion and elegant set of brand image, always occupy a higher market share, become the domestic well-known brand sunglasses. 4, stranger, stranger, sunglasses with 'fashion, individual character, make public' for the design, reveals his own way of life attitude. The theme of the fashion trends, the composed of individual character, make public of fusion. Unique creative design, integrated into the new fashion trend, draw the outline of the youth of uninhibited personality. High quality materials, exquisite detail design. One of the biggest ego style in personality, appeal. 5, sunglasses factory in our glasses sunglasses factory's website also has a lot of cheap and fine sunglasses oh, many of which are sunglasses sunglasses, design production factory itself in quality assurance at the same time try to make more preferential price, and style is very novel, and the top is no less than ~ sunglasses factory YC9702 general sunglasses C1 black box white leg/lens dazzle colour silver
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