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Hollywood high-end glasses of Barton Perreira spring/summer 2016 collection

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Many friends know Hollywood glasses brand BARTON PERREIRA, this brand is because shawn yue's chang character, wearing glasses and popular fashion lovers attention. From the original Oliver performance boss BartonBill Perreira with chief design director, two people hand in hand to create famous glasses brand Barton Perreira, recently launched the new spring/summer 2016 sunglasses. Two style is given priority to with LUXON, BYRON, LUXON will launch design can be folded, and BYRON will add CLIP which are very popular in recent years ON clamping piece set. Of course BARTON PERREIRA price belongs to the high-end line, to start with you might as well learn more sale way and the sale price and other details.
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