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Hong Kong glasses and medical opened on fashion and professional and storage

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
According to Hong Kong zhongtong, 18th annual Hong Kong glasses exhibition and second session of the Hong Kong international medical equipment and supplies, 3, 3 days in a row convention and exhibition centre, wan chai, show a brand new glasses, optical science and technology, the trend of medical equipment and supplies.
this glasses exhibition attracted more than 580 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, breaking all previous records. In mainland China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, China Taiwan and Hong Kong chamber of commerce has the pavilion.
Hong Kong glasses to spearhead of fashion and professional exhibition, the field arrangement & # 8220; Shows the & # 8221; Show, show static with dynamic technique products; Products, both finished product exhibition, has also supply semi-finished products, designed by a glasses box to a piece of lens, even small to frame a screws are provided.
exhibitors said miss xu, from mainland China, Hong Kong glasses exhibition area is one of the few glasses exhibition of internationalization, specialization, provides a good platform for the mainland counterparts, let products & # 8220; Walk out the & # 8221; 。
exhibition period depending on light industry trend in two seminars, will explore the Asian and European glasses industry trends and new glasses and fashion design. In the first nine months of this year, Hong Kong glasses, glasses and frame exports reached 10. Hk $400 million, up 17% year on year.
in addition, in the same space at the Hong Kong international medical equipment supplies exhibition also attracted 140 exhibitors from 10 countries and regions. Every year, 'said global health spending more and more high, for medical equipment and supplies brought enormous business opportunities.
“ Science and technology, sink & # 8221; Exhibition is one of the focus of this exhibition of medical, for medical equipment and supplies developers to provide a platform and enterprise establish contact, to promote the commercial potential of the medical equipment or products, led research results into products to meet market needs.
the organizers said the testing and certification industry is the Hong Kong government efforts to promote one of the six major industries, the exhibition this time, the new & # 8220; Laboratory equipment & # 8221; Exhibition area, hope to promote the development of industry.
Hong Kong trade development council for two exhibition organized from 63 countries and regions, a total of 92 buyers, invited more than 3720 buyers to purchase.
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