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Hong Kong glasses brand REVE BY RENE2016 fashion product recommendations

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
From Hong Kong designer glasses brand personality REVE BY RENE, has the independent symbol that belongs to ego, become quite informal fashion vanguard. With fun cat ear design, add a few minutes of alternative fashionable temperament, dreamy as creative, the collocation of different mirror material, integration of a new dazzling charm. Removable restructuring cleverness accessories for glasses to magic, let you play as multiple styles. On the early dusk, neon, quiet night hides under the horizon of revelry, tear calm self sustaining in disguise, turned to the mysterious and full of charm of the night, release another restless soul in the body. REVEBY RENE uncover the night for you, for inversion of charm! REVE BY RENE UFB002 classical style restoring ancient ways round frame sunglasses, cat ears with unique design, the sexy cat and temptation in small glasses, is nifty and lovely, charming, let you transient melting play cool cat lady. REVE BY RENE UNT003 concise air, black frame glasses, decorate feeling cool right Angle box elements, from elegant dignified to pretty enchanting metamorphosis, bring attractive temptation. REVE BY RENE WYH002/003/005 features a breakup type Pantos modelling dainty line draw the outline of delicate perfect lens, the romantic gem is blue, orange, silver star with splendour of colour is natural to dissolve into design, likes nature itself, make you absolutely outstanding and charming. Puyi glasses sincerely recommend this Hong Kong designer REVEBY RENE, elegant, romantic, restoring ancient ways with sexy charm, reflect multiple female glamour. Multivariant style, inversion of style, every luxuriant transformation vastly temptation. This article from the fashion brand, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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