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House of Diehl launch a dazzling colored sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
New York's famous brand design House of Diehl, launched a number of effects and laugh with sunglasses series. House of Diehl invited famous designer Rick Owens pointed out in this series, Rick Owens its unique personal design style once again played a incisively and vividly. Rick Owens design for everybody to Diehl Breakers series sunglasses, and what you have before each deputy can't be the same. In fact, chosen at random from this series in a picture, you will immediately become the discussion topic, grab an eye to the incomparable. Rick Owens sunglasses block uv for you at the same time, also attracted the line of sight of all passers-by for you. Apparently Rick Owens said: 'it is better to fight for good than to hide what show what'.
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