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How about 1.56 aspherical lenses?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-05-02
1.56 aspherical lens refers to a single light lens with a refractive index of 1.56 and an aspherical curvature design. This 1.56 aspherical lens is currently one of the most widely used lens types in China. Exquisite workmanship, high-quality materials, not easy to break, and safer to wear. What about the 1.56 aspherical lens, let's take a look at it together. The characteristic refractive index of the 1.56 aspherical lens is 1.56. The lens surface often includes: hardened, hardened HV coating, Yijie VP coating, white crystal, green film, Leybold film, lotus film, blue crystal, blue film, super anti- Fog, diamond crystal A2, diamond crystal Zhijie, diamond hard and other types. The main materials are: PC, PNX, resin, etc., among which resin lenses are the most widely used. Glasses made of 1.56 aspherical lenses are mainly used by students, white-collar workers, and the elderly. Compared with the traditional 1.56 spherical lens, the advantage of 1.56 aspherical lens is that the lens will not be distorted when looking at the surrounding objects, which broadens the vision of the wearer. In this era of advanced technology, the feature of 1.56 aspherical lens design reduces the edge aberration of the lens to the lowest level, so that its wide field of view can meet the needs of different consumers. The base curve of the 1.56 aspherical lens is flatter and lighter, and it looks more natural and beautiful than the 1.56 spherical lens. For consumers with high refractive power, it can effectively reduce the deformation of the eyes. For consumers with high visual acuity, the 1.56 aspherical lens is more comfortable, safer, more reliable and clearer than other ordinary lenses. The 1.56 aspherical lens solves the phenomenon of visual distortion, while making the lens lighter, thinner and flatter. After wearing it, you can hardly feel its existence, allowing you to enjoy the ease and casualness it brings to you. Coupled with the design principle of the aspheric surface, it makes you feel more natural, the visual distortion is also small, and the objects look more realistic.
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