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How about a color blindness correction lens? Is it effective? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-11
In real life, in addition to myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, and night blindness who cannot see objects clearly at night, some people are congenitally confused about certain colors, which affects the rhythm of daily life. This is the so-called' Color blindness'. Therefore, the experts provided convenience to the color-blind people and produced color-blindness correction glasses to help color-blind patients to distinguish the color of their vision. Let’s take a look at the color blindness correction lens. Color blindness correction glasses are a kind of glasses used to correct color blindness, just like myopia glasses, they are a kind of glasses used to correct vision. But unlike myopia glasses, color blind glasses are based on complementary color antagonism. Special coatings are applied to the lenses to produce a cut-off wavelength, so that the lenses can transmit to long wavelengths and reflect on short wavelengths. The original color blindness patients can not recognize the color can be correctly recognized, and then achieve the effect of correcting the color vision disorder. Color blindness correction lenses can be divided into two forms, one is the contact lens type, and the other is the frame glasses type, both of which have the function of correcting color vision disorders. For example, color blind contact lenses, for patients with red-green color blindness, can greatly improve the patient's color vision and improve the color resolution, so that the patient can accurately distinguish when viewing colors. The color blindness frame glasses have the function of correcting abnormal color vision, such as blue blindness, total color blindness, partial color blindness and other types. At the same time, some color blindness correction lenses have added additional luminosity, so while correcting color vision disorders, they can also correct the vision of myopia. Color blindness correction mirrors, based on the principle of lens coating, can effectively improve the resolution of color vision for patients with red-green color blindness, thereby correcting color vision disorders, and has won the love and support of many colorblind patients. But when wearing color blind glasses, remember to test whether you have color blindness first, and then consider glasses treatment.
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