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How about anti-impact goggles?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-28
Goggles are mainly used to avoid damage to the eyes caused by radiation and other adverse irritants. Due to the different functions of wearing goggles, there are many types of goggles. In terms of use, there are mainly medical protective glasses, anti-arc radiation glasses, anti-impact goggles, etc. Wear appropriate protective glasses according to different occupations and different working environments. Eyepieces should not be worn indiscriminately. In order to help us choose the right goggles, let's learn more about impact-resistant goggles and see how impact-resistant goggles are. The general impact-resistant goggles on the market are made of transparent polycarbonate lenses. Anti-shock, anti-UV, anti-fog, anti-chemical and replaceable. In the design of the temples, it is necessary to achieve side ventilation, a wide field of vision, and no metal accessories. The brow edge and flank protection design can block particles and sand from the top and sides, providing comprehensive eye protection. The use of impact-resistant goggles can protect against medium-energy high-speed particle impact, dust and liquid splashing and metal particle splashing, and protect the wearer's eyes from injury. The impact-resistant goggles are designed to take into account the majority of wearers, sporty design, comfortable to wear, and provide the largest area of u200bu200bprotection, which can be worn directly outside the myopia glasses. Generally, people who wear anti-shock goggles are in an environment with potential safety hazards, such as driving, medical treatment, labor insurance, drilling, field investigation, etc. Therefore, the editor recommends that the goggles should be carefully checked before each use, and if they are damaged, please replace them in time. Before entering the dangerous area, make sure that the goggles are comfortable and firm to wear. If there is an allergic reaction caused by the contact between the glasses and the skin, you should leave the hazardous area in time, take off the glasses and take medical treatment.
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