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How about Antong contact lenses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-15
Since Anton contact lenses entered the Chinese market, they have attracted widespread attention. Anton contact lens is a contact lens brand that focuses on daily disposables. It is specially tailored for Asia. It has excellent comfort, beautiful style, and is also very well matched, showing a unique charm. Let’s take a look at how Antong contact lenses are. Anton contact lenses are strictly controlled in terms of safety and technology in accordance with the stricter standards for contact lenses in Europe and the United States. The high-quality HEMA material is selected for the lens material to ensure high water content, and the base curve design is also designed in accordance with the pupils of Asians to ensure the comfort of wearing. The lens is ultra-thin, comfortable to wear, and the effect of increasing the brightness is particularly good. Anton contact lens is a contact lens with the above-mentioned quality designed to make daily disposable lenses, providing high-end consumers with a more comfortable enjoyment. Anton’s exclusive casting film technology is also its own advantage, and Anton can be considered as the advantage. As a leader in new technologies, market share, product layout, brand reputation, user scale, industry technical standards, and upstream and downstream industrial chains will all change. In addition to multiple styles, Anton contact lens design has a very good matching effect. The colors are mainly doll black, honey brown, crepe, and hybrid gray. Doll black can better show the black eyes of Asian people. Naturally colored contact lenses make the eyes bigger and brighter. The lens coloring adopts the golden ratio of 1:2:1, which perfectly combines black eyeballs and doll black. , The effect of increasing the sparkle is obvious. The eyes are deeper and more charming. The honey-brown model shows women’s elegance and natural fashion sense. The lens color is a fusion of gold and brown. The glaze-like line feels both misty and elegant, and overall it is more charming. a feeling of. Chocolate, a very natural contact lens color with a sweet smell. The ring-shaped radial design is made of dense dots. The design has a simple and fresh style. After wearing it, the eyes are more watery and beautiful. Gray, a hybrid cosmetic contact lens, is especially suitable for fashionable and sexy styling. It has a sense of charm. The blurred eyes are more hybrid style, and the pupils are glowing blue, which adds a sense of mystery.
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