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How about aspheric resin lenses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-03
The surface of the aspheric lens is curved. Compared with the spherical lens, this design technique has a clearer vision, easier wearing and more realistic vision. But what if resin is added to this kind of lens? Today, the editor of OJO glasses life will introduce to you, how about this new high-tech product aspherical resin lens. First of all, the surface of this kind of spectacle lens is designed with an aspheric surface, in which the surface of the lens is flatter, thinner and more beautiful than the surface of the spherical lens. Coupled with high-quality resin materials, the light transmittance of the lens reaches 95%, which can effectively reflect all kinds of irregular harmful light, using our vision to be clearer and our eyes healthier. The advantages of aspherical resin lens <1>. It reduces the distortion and blurring of the lens in every corner, ensuring a clearer vision, and the eyes will not be prone to fatigue, making it more comfortable to wear. <2>. The lens is ultra-thin and ultra-light. Due to the ultra-high refractive index material resin, the lens can achieve an extremely thin effect, allowing you to match any spectacle frame at will, and the overall feeling is very consistent. <3>. The resin material itself is one of the plant ingredients, so the made spectacle lens will be lighter, more than 40% lighter than the ordinary ordinary spectacle lens, so it will not slip off easily because the lens is heavier. <4>. Not only that, the lens can 100% prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the cornea through the lens, which can ensure that the wearer can easily perform various sports under the sun, without worrying about eye damage. <5>. The aspherical resin lens also has high optical performance and ultra-thinness, which can restrain the change of the face shape caused by the glasses, and directly present the natural image and natural beauty. This kind of aspherical resin lens also has a great effect on correcting astigmatism, so people with astigmatism can also enjoy a wide and clear field of vision with this kind of spectacle lens. For patients with high myopia, choosing this kind of spectacle lens can inhibit the development of vision, and can also improve the vision of the eye. It is a new type of high-quality lens product.
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