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How about Baosheng children's sunglasses?_sunglass knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-22
The Baosheng sunglasses, which have won unanimous praise from the Chinese North and South Pole Expedition Team, are very popular in both the manufacture and design of the sunglasses. With decades of polarizing experience, while insisting on polarizing, new technologies are constantly added, making Baosheng sunglasses with multiple functions. Baosheng children's sunglasses continue the high-tech technology of Baosheng, and are also very high-quality in function. Let's take a look at how Baosheng children's sunglasses are. In terms of design, according to the unique research of Chinese children, the designed sunglasses conform to the face shape of domestic children, which is more comfortable and beautiful to wear. Double curvature design, Baosheng polarized sunglasses are ergonomically designed, the field of vision is larger and clearer, and it is more comfortable to wear. The polarized lens made of TAC material continues the polarized lens of the international big-name sunglasses. It is carefully manufactured according to the polarization principle to effectively filter out glare and prevent eyes from fatigue. High-definition and high-pitched ultraviolet rays are made of many different special materials and have different functions. The polarization angle and arc of the lens are designed according to the principle of precision optics. There will be no distortion and vertigo. Exclusive lens strengthening technology, surface coating and hardening, taking into account the elasticity and hardness of the lens, effective scratch resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, and not easy to deform and break, durable and safe. Baosheng children's sunglasses are all imported high-grade pigments, which are odorless and non-toxic. The color ratios are all carefully adjusted by foreign designers according to the psychology of children's growth, which is not dazzling and healthier. Baosheng polarizers will not be deformed or cracked even in cold temperatures. The links of Baosheng children's sunglasses are not easy to loosen. Imported hinges are used to produce burrs after painting. With built-in springs, the mirror rod can be changed at will and not easy. loose.
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